Presentation Recaps

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Opening Keynote: Can you teach a 150-year-old dog new tricks?

Presented By: Don Monk

Closing Keynote: The Post-Agile Future of People-Powered Collaboration

Presented by: Luke Hohmann

Behavioral Driven Development & Its Reliance on Teams

Presented By: Chris Riley

HR as (Underutilized)
Driver of Innovation

Presented by: Fabiola Eyholzer

Product Discovery Stories: When & How to Use a Discovery Sprint to Validate Your Ideas

Presented By: Kevin Burns, Matt Engstrom, Jonathan Wentz

Lean Leadership

Presented by: Kurt Schmidt

Effective Product Brainstorming

Presented By: Braden Ericson

The Human Side of Data in Product

Presented by: Dave Mathias

People & Products:
Partners in Vision

Presented By: Marie-Christine Legault

What Beethoven Can Teach Us About Failure

Presented by: Anna Bliss

Improv(e) Collaboration in Your Team

Presented By: Elizabeth Hodos

Yes, You Can! No, You Can’t! Yes, You Can!

Presented by: Lee Zukor

Product Management, or the Intricate Art of Getting (the Right) Thing Done

Presented By: Anne Steiner

A New Hope: Building Accessibility into an Agile Environment

Presented by: Natalie Austin, Carissa Merrill, & Ginny Yahnke

Presentation Slides (no video)

Human Centered Data: Using Data Science & Human-Centered Design to Grow Your Product

Presented By: Justin Royer, April Seifert, & Tres Tronvold

The Product Owner Tax: 5 Inevitable Taxes Every Product Owner & Leader Pays

Presented by: Nicole Smith

How Can Product Management “Be More Strategic”? Foundational Behaviors of Strategic Product Management

Presented By: Jeff Lash

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