Presentation Recaps

Recorded Presentations and Slides

You Definitely Are Wrong, But You Might Not Know It

Presented by David Hussman


Continuous Learning: Harnessing Change for Competitive Advantage

Presented by Jeff Sussna


3 Strikes and You’re IN(novative)

Rob Juncker


Managing Up and Across

Kurt Schmidt


Leveraging Atlassian to Craft the Best Products

Brandon Huff


Designing decision support for breast cancer patients

Molly Fuller


May you fail…over and over again

Vivienne Whitfield


Fish Bowl Discussion

Various Participants


Presentations with Slides (no video)

Roadmapping your Way to Value

Anne Steiner

Data-driven & Human-centered

Sara cowles

For the Creative Economy

Jasmine Russell

Data-driven & Human-centered

Sara cowles

The Power of Being Wrong

Joe Ruekert

Innovation at Amazon

Mike Gillespie

Practical Behavior Design You Can Use Today

Chris Shinkle