Full Speaker List

Anna Bliss

Best Buy

Anna Bliss has worked in the tech arena for more than 15 years in a variety of roles, but loves her current role in product management best of all. As a product person she has been able to explore everything from APIs to search relevancy to IoT devices. A recovering liberal arts major, Anna is fascinated by the intersections between art, humanities, and technology. Anna is a co-founder of the Twin Cities Product Community meetup and also co-founder of the Women in Tech resource group at Best Buy.

Session: What Beethoven Can Teach Us About Failure

Leah CUnningham


Leah Cunningham is a senior consultant from Solution Design Group. Armed with the innate ability to inspire and encourage others, Leah has over 17 years of experience in building teams and coaching organizations on the adoption and evolution of agility as a delivery tool. Always thirsty for knowledge, Leah is passionate in learning about people and cultures around the world, art and music, and the sociotechnical aspects of delivering solutions to help make the world a little better place for us to share.

Session: “Uff da, I am so Gosh Darn Burned Out!”

Luke Hohmann


Luke Hohmann is the Founder and CEO of Conteneo, Inc. and the inventor of Innovation Games. A former Board member of the Agile Alliance and a “Champion of Agile”, Luke’s playfully diverse background of life experiences has uniquely prepared him to design and produce people-powered agile frameworks that increase Agility. Luke shares his knowledge widely: He’s the author of four books and produces the monthly Collaboration at Scale webinar series in partnership with the Scrum Alliance. He’s also a SAFe 4.6 Framework Contributor, focusing on Lean Portfolio Management and Product and Solution Management.

Session:The Post-Agile Future of People-Powered Collaboration

Jeff Lash


Jeff Lash is Vice President and Group Director, Product Management at SiriusDecisions, where he advises B2B product management leaders and their teams on how to implement best practices and improve efficiency and effectiveness. Jeff is a recognized thought leader in product management, with 15+ years of experience in the development of Web-based products and SaaS. His product management career includes both new product introductions and major turnarounds of existing product lines, as well as introduction of the product management role into organizations. He has significant expertise in customer understanding, new product innovation, agile product management, user experience design, and product development processes.

Session:How Can Product Managers “Be More Strategic”? Foundational Behaviors of Strategic Product Management

MC Legault

Pyxis Technologies

MC can connect, engage and empower a new generation of game changers in Canada and around the world. She can address key global challenges with heart and transparency…Marie-Christine is an Agile buzz executive/partner/collaborator!

Holding a bachelor’s degree in communications, She is an ardent fan of building relationships and new opportunities. She has 20 years of street-smart marketing and advertising experience for national and international companies (GE, Quebecor World, Cadbury, Royal Canadian Mint, Hyundai, Nestlé, Pepsi, Lancôme, Robert Mondavi Wines, Crayola, Disney…).

Session:Coming soon

Don Monk

General Mills

Don Monk is VP and CIO, Technology and Solutions, Global Business Solutions.

Thought leader on the application of technology to solve business problems and accelerate opportunities for the new digital business model. His passion sits at the intersection of business and technology where he helps bring those two worlds together to create competitive advantages and accelerate growth. As CIO, responsible for business relationship management, global strategy and operations of technology for General Mills. Responsibilities include: Business Relationship Management, Project Management, Application Development, Business Analysis, Enterprise Data and Analytic Solutions, Technical Architecture and Services, Network & Communications, and Data Center Operations. This team consists of over 1200 talented and dedicated employees located in the United States and international locations including UK, India, China, Singapore, Brazil and Canada.

Session: Coming Soon

Chris Riley


Chris is Director Solutions Architecture at Cprime, Inc. and has focused on the services and integration space since 1995 in a variety of pilot, implementation and training roles with companies such as HKM Consulting, PTC, IBM, Cape Clear Software and SOA Systems. In his various capacities, Chris has also been a speaker and contributor at AWS and API Meetups, QCon, SOA Symposium, Developer Week, ECAUG, Prentice Hall Podcasts, Toronto JUG along with publications in TechTarget, SOA Magazine and SOA Design Patterns. Currently Chris is supporting fortune 500 companies in Microservices, DevOps, Middleware and Cloud Computing as part of their IT Strategy.

Session:Behavioral Driven Development and its reliance on teams

Justin Royer


Justin has spent the last two decades in marketing, product, and design management roles serving a wide variety of industries. As a co-founder at Sprocket, he leads the human-centered strategy and design efforts and ensures that the team asks “why” at least five times. In addition to Sprocket, Justin is a husband and father of two girls, a golf nut, and a huge proponent of the Oxford comma.

Session: Human-centered data: using data science and human-centered design to grow your product

April Seifert


April leads the Data Science arm of Sprocket. A Social Psychologist by training, April discovered her love of big databases after she found herself working at a health insurance company after graduate school. April loves using data to help inform and power elegant customer experiences, while weaving in behavioral science to motivate customers.

Session: Human-centered data: using data science and human-centered design to grow your product

Kurt Schmidt


Kurt Schmidt is the President of Foundry, a digital product, and experience agency and hosts a weekly Podcast named the “Schmidt List” where he interviews industry leaders to learn their thoughts on bridging modern management techniques, design thinking, and cutting-edge technology for our ever-increasing “agile” world.

Session: Lean Leadership

Mike Smart

Egress Solutions

Mike has the DNA of a product strategist and product manager. He is an intensely focused problem solver and somewhat of an introvert. As the Founder and Principal Consulting of Egress Solutions, a boutique product consultancy he helps tech companies achieve market success and sometimes gets to play with very cool things.He brings more than 20 years of experience with lean techniques in product strategy, product adoption, product launch and customer acquisition.

Session: Coming Soon

Tres Tronvold


Tres leads the Loyalty Marketing and Customer Relationship Management capability of Sprocket. He works with clients to conceive and develop customer growth strategies as well as to assess the effectiveness of existing efforts. Tres has built more than a dozen loyalty programs over the years and loves pairing behavioral economics with customer insight to create utility for customers and economic value for companies.

Session: Human-centered data: using data science and human-centered design to grow your product

Lee Zukor


Lee Zukor is Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering at SportsEngine and is responsible for creating products customers love. Before joining SportsEngine, Lee held executive positions at both large companies and startups, including VP of Product and UX at Bluestem Brands, Founder/CEO at Simplegoodandtasty.com, and Chief Experience Officer at Wize.com. Lee earned his undergraduate degree from Boston University. When he’s not working, Lee spends his time writing music, traveling, and exploring the Twin Cities with his wife and two teenagers.

Session: Yes, You Can! No, I Can’t! Yes, You Can!

Anne Steiner


Anne Steiner leads DevJam – a group of collaborative agilists based in Minneapolis who teach, coach, and practice a pragmatic blend of product, processes, and technologies. DevJam has helped companies of all shapes and sizes transform from traditional, project-thinking to become product-driven organizations that emphasize continuous learning.

Anne has more than 20 years’ experience in the software industry, working as a developer, product owner, product leader, and coach. Anne also actively promotes building communities of practitioners in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and frequently speaks at national and regional events.

Session: Product Management or the Intricate Art of Getting (the Right) Things Done